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The willy drinking board game

The willy drinking board game


"My “willies drinking board game” is one of those kind of shit looking board games that does not come in a professional, shiny box that you pay 40 euros for and treasure for your grandkids to play one day...Oh no, it is entirely put together by me, each card lovingly covered in my fingerprints and each willy figurine 3D printed in my bedroom and it is the kind of game you play at a sticky table in your local Mexican restaurant with your friends, the kind of game you don’t have to feel bad about when it gets nacho cheez blobs and beer stains all over it BECAUSE the willy drinking board game is about getting drunk and laughing at how willies come in all shapes and sizes (PS contact me in 35 years if you do save a game and have grandkids that would be funny)"

The super fun willies drinking board game features a colour palette of willies from all around the world. The game includes the Willy Board, 23 willy playing cards, a willy rule book, one playing dice and 4 x 3-D printed willy playing figurines. Proven to be a fun and addictive game! (please note: Eat Mielies Weird Illustration is not responsible for any misfortunes that may occur in the throes of drunken behaviour)

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